About the Canadian Violence Link Conference

Humane Canada's Canadian Violence Link Conference, is an innovative, ground-breaking conference that examines the link between violence against human beings and animals. Over 200 professionals from 10 key Canadian sectors will come together for cross-sector training on how to stop the cycle of violence against vulnerable people and animals.

To add to your conference experience, two pre-conference training days will be held on November 20th at Ryerson University Campus. 

  • The Enforcement Day Pre-Conference- Open to Police Officers (Municipal, Provincial and Federal), By-Law Officials, Animal Law Enforcement, and Government Representatives (overseeing animal law enforcement) 
  • The Animal Cruelty Prosecution Pre-Conference - Attendance by application only and only open to Crown Prosecutors and allied professionals - For further information email    

Who is this conference for?

This Humane Canada conference is intended for social workers, police officers, animal cruelty enforcement personnel, judges, anti-violence advocates, municipal staff, politicians, bureaucrats, Crown prosecutors, animal welfare advocates, policy experts, veterinarians and RVTs. More than 200 professionals from across Canada attended our 2017 conference to focus on how sectors can work together to improve Canada’s response to violence. This cross-sectoral collaboration has led to a number of powerful insights and proposed strategies to prevent and address violence against people and animals.

Learning and networking opportunities at #LINK2019:

  • Skills to examine the correlation between human vulnerability and animal vulnerability
  • The opportunity to create new networks and relationships that will enhance your work toward ending violence
  • An understanding of the roots of animal abuse and its connection to interpersonal and societal violence
  • An ability to identify the indicators of interpersonal violence and the steps to responding
  • An ability to identify the indicators of animal abuse and the steps to investigation and prosecution of these crimes
  • The opportunity to explore community-level partnerships involving social service providers, prosecutors, animal welfare organizations, the courts and law enforcement agencies, veterinarians and municipal/provincial/federal governments

Conference Highlights

  • 200+ delegates from 10+ sectors across Canada
  • Expert speakers on violence prevention for people and animals 
  • Cross-collaboration with social workers, police, Crown prosecutors, politicians, anti-violence workers, animal welfare representatives, veterinarians and more
  • Networking events and opportunities
  • Interactive, practical sessions
  • Inclusive and supportive environment

Continuing Education Credits Offered.

  • All sessions of the 2019 Canadian Violence Link Conference have been pre-approved various session lengths including 75 minute session is approved for 1.25 CE, 60 minutes for 1 CE, 90 minutes for 2 CE Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits by The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.
  • Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians approved 5 CE Credits per full day of attendance at the conference. 
  • Saskatchewan Veterinary Medial Association approved 12 CE Credits for the entire conference.
  • Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists approved 5 CE Credits each day in Category 1.
  • New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association approved 12 CE Credits for the entire conference.
  • Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association approved 12 CE Credits for the entire conference.

What is the violence link?

Violence against animals and violence against people are not distinct and separate problems. Rather, they are part of a larger pattern of violent crimes that often co-exist. Research shows a significant correlation between animal cruelty and crimes of domestic violence, the physical and sexual abuse of children, sexual assault and other violent crimes. This emerging concept that looks at the relationship between violence against animals and people is commonly known as the violence link and has evolved to encompass prevention and intervention practices to reduce vulnerability in animals and humans. This conference will highlight the latest research and promising new practices to advance the criminal justice and social service responses to the violence link, bringing together the field’s leading experts in the areas of law, enforcement, behaviour, interpersonal violence, veterinary medicine and social services.


Humane Canada's 2019 Canadian Violence Link Conference will take place at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto November 20-22, 2019. 

Your Host

This conference is hosted and organized by Humane Canada. As Canada’s national voice for animal welfare, Humane Canada drives positive, progressive change to end animal cruelty, improve animal protection and promote the humane treatment of all animals. As the convener and representative of the largest animal welfare community in Canada, Humane Canada advances the welfare of animals with a strong national voice that promotes the interests and concerns of animal welfare to government, policy makers, industry and the public. Visit for more information.

Testimonials from #CLV2017 Delegates

"This conference was a wonderful opportunity to bring Canadians together in the effort to end violence against humans and animals. The "link" was covered from a variety of angles and, though it is a difficult topic to immerse ourselves in, we left feeling energized and inspired. We hope this becomes an annual event within Canada. The opportunity to see and hear what's going on across the country was comforting – we know we're not alone in our concern for 'the link' and in our efforts to end violence."
-Hayley Rose Glaholt, Executive Director, Link Coalition Toronto

"Although we in the animal welfare community have felt for years that there was a link between domestic violence and animal abuse, it was great to have our suspicions validated by professionals in the field. We now need to educate the general population and work together as a group of professionals to share information to make life safer for people and animals."
-Dave Rogers, Executive Director, Greater Moncton SPCA

"I could write a book on everything I learned. Of all the conferences I've attended, this has been the most enlightening. It has been truly eye opening and while there is tons of work to be done it feels like being on the edge of change, much like when domestic violence started to be recognized as a societal and not a family problem. This conference also highlighted the need for further education and sharing of information. All of this to say a huge thank you for this breakthrough conference."
-Anonymous Crown Prosecutor

"An excellent opportunity to learn from other sectors working in violence prevention, and to make important connections."
-Dr. Alice Crook, DVM, Atlantic Veterinary College

Download the final report from the 2017 Canadian Violence Link Conference here:

Download the final report for the 2017 CFHS Canadian Violence Link Conference here

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