About the Canadian Violence Link Conference

The Canadian Violence Link Conference is a ground-breaking conference that examines the link between violence against human beings and animals. The first conference took place in 2017. In 2019, we brought together more than 200 professionals from 10 key Canadian sectors that work to prevent and address violence against people or animals for cross-sector training on how to stop the cycles of violence

Learning & Networking Opportunities

  • 200+ delegates from 10+ sectors across Canada
  • Expert speakers on violence prevention for people and animals 
  • Cross-collaboration with social workers, police, Crown prosecutors, politicians, anti-violence workers, animal welfare representatives, veterinarians and more
  • Networking events and opportunities
  • Interactive, practical sessions
  • Inclusive and supportive environment

Who you'll meet and work with...

This Humane Canada conference brings social workers, police officers, animal cruelty enforcement personnel, judges, anti-violence advocates, politicians, bureaucrats, Crown prosecutors, animal welfare advocates, policy experts, veterinarians and RVTs together in one space to discuss and share issues around the Violence Link. Together we discuss and plan how sectors can work together to improve Canada’s response to violence in our communities. This cross-sectoral collaboration has led to a number of powerful insights and proposed strategies to prevent and address violence against people and animals.

A testimonial from one attendee...

"This conference was a wonderful opportunity to bring Canadian professionals together in the effort to end violence against humans and animals. The Violence link was examined from a variety of angles and, though it is a difficult topic we emerged from Humane Canada's Canadian Violence Link Conference energized and inspired. The opportunity to see and learn what's going on across the country was comforting – we know we're not alone in our concern for 'the link' and in our efforts to end violence."
-Dr. Hayley Rose Glaholt, Executive Director, Link Coalition Toronto (2017 Attendee, 2019 Facilitator)


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