Investigating "Link Crimes" in Toronto: Collaboration, Communication and Best Practices

1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Location: Chelsea Hotel, Churchill Ballroom

Maureen Bellmore, Counsel, Director of Crown Operations, Ministry of the Attorney General
Dr. Margaret Doyle, Veterinarian, Riverbend Hospital
Det. Ann-Marie Tupling, Specialized Criminal Investigations, Sex Crimes-Domestic Violence / Child Abuse Coordinator
Panel Moderator: Hayley Glaholt, Board Chair, Link Toronto

This panel discussion brings together four of Toronto's leading voices to discuss how professionals from different sectors can work collaboratively in an effort to investigate and prevent "link" crimes. This workshop is both theoretical and practical, designed to promote creative thinking among panel and audience members. Our intention is to have an honest discussion about the difficulties that "link" crimes present us with, and to come up with concrete practices for how best to work together to educate, investigate, and limit these complex crimes.


  1. Practical strategies for collaborating across sectors in high-risk, confidential cases.
  2. Which collaborative structures are most effective.
  3. "Top 5" lists of who to contact, what to ask, what to look for, in "link" crimes.

Maureen Bellmore
is the crown counsel and co-chair of the Toronto Region Domestic Violence Advisory Committee (“TRDVAC”). The TRDVAC is comprised of Leads of the Domestic Violence teams from each of the Toronto Crown offices, Victim Witness Assistance program workers from each of the courthouses, Probation/Parole representative, police officers and representatives from various victim organizations in the City (ex: Metrac, Women at the Centre, Women’s Abuse Council, John Howard Society, etc.).

Dr. Margaret Doyle was raised in southern Alberta and studied sciences at the University of Calgary before moving to Ireland to pursue veterinary medicine. A 2009 MVB graduate she returned to Canada to small animal practice in Calgary. Currently Dr. Doyle works out of the Riverbend Animal Clinic in Calgary where she is proud to be a part owner with VCA Canada. Dr. Doyle provides forensic consulting services for the law enforcement agencies across Canada. Through her work with local law enforcement she has been involved in hundreds of animal cruelty cases in the Calgary area from crime scene analysis to providing expert witness testimony in court. Dr. Doyle is a certified forensic veterinarian and holds a masters in veterinary forensics from the University of Florida. Dr. Doyle is a member of the ABMVA animal welfare committee and through seats on other committees in Calgary she is committed to improving working relationships between law enforcement agencies and the veterinary community. Her goal is the facilitation of better handling of animal cruelty cases to benefit the animals directly and assist in risk assessment utilizing animal cruelty as an indicator for future violent crimes.

Anne-Marie Tupling is a Detective at the Toronto Police Service assigned as the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Coordinator. She currently belong to numerous committees that address Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Elder abuse. She is the the Chair of the Ontario Domestic Violence Coordinators Network, which is comprised of all Domestic Violence Coordinators from each Police Service in Ontario. Their mandate is to find best practices when responding to domestic violence and bring our expertise to the Ministry of Community and Safety and Correctional Services. Anne-Marie is a trained Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/Elder Abuse and Animal Abuse investigator. During her career she has received awards for her investigation into Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse, including three commendations from the Toronto Police Service, two Police Officer of the Month Awards and was named as the Toronto Police Officer of the Year in 2008 for an investigation of a child being lured into prostitution. Anne-Marie has also received letters of commendation from the Downtown Toronto's Crown office on her investigation skills.

Dr. Hayley Glaholt holds a PhD in Religion, Ethics, and Public Life from Northwestern University in Chicago, with a focus on pacifist ethics. As the principal mediator at Hayley Glaholt Mediation, she specializes in resolving ethno-religious conflicts in families, communities, and workplaces. Dr. Glaholt is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Link Coalition Toronto, a non-profit dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, and elder abuse in the GTA.